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HARMfree is an industry-led initiative designed to improve workplace safety and worker well-being, in a language and style practical for the transport and logistics sector.

The programme has been developed for the Health and Safety Champions in transport and logistics, who often work independently without the opportunity to connect with peers to share knowledge or undertake specialised training. While some companies have a dedicated Health & Safety Manager, smaller companies may not have the same resources, their champion could be someone who is wearing multiple hats, including partners or family members of owner drivers.

Designed to empower both leaders and workers to instigate behavioural changes in the workplace, and manage the hazards related to psychosocial harm, HARMfree offers transport and logistics specific content that addresses the unique challenges faced by the industry, particularly the high number of incidents in and around vehicles in the workplace.

Transport and logistics workers are often subject to high pressure, demanding working conditions, circadian disruption, sleep deprivation, and, in some cases, long periods of isolation, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. While information on these issues is available, it can be challenging to locate. HARMfree brings all those resources and information together into an easy-to-follow programme, saving time for employers and providing practical, easily implementable information.

The HARMfree Transport and Logistics online portal offers a wealth of existing industry resources, tools, information, relevant industry news, training materials, and qualifications, tailored to the sector, and presented in a language that is understood. Multilingual materials and various learning methods cater to the diverse and multicultural workforce.

Through the portal, Health & Safety Champions in transport and logistics companies can connect via an online forum, enabling them to share knowledge, and learn from one another. The forum fosters an environment encouraging H&S and HR experts to reach out and seek support from their counterparts across the transport and logistics industry.

The programme integrates into existing Educational Engagement Programmes, including The Safety MAN Road Safety Truck and the AutoSense #EYESUPNZ programme. This provides the opportunity to host HARMfree Transport and Logistics specific seminars.

HARMfree is a collaboration group of two transport industry associations, New Zealand Trucking Association, and National Road Carriers along with industry partners Success formula, Fit For Duty, and AutoSense, was formed. The initiative was awarded funding through an ACC Injury Prevention Grant, which has helped accelerate the programme. A wider programme steering group comprises of industry stakeholders, and transport and logistics operators who provide guidance, and contribute resources and ideas to the programme. This ensures that the content is reliable and can be effectively implemented throughout your workplace.

The HARMfree Transport and Logistics programme is shaped by the industry. We actively engage industry leaders and workers who are on the ground. Continually learning, improving, expanding, and evolving. By meeting people, sharing ideas, collaborating, and collecting information we are fine tuning HARMfree content to meet the transport and logistics industry’s needs.


Our combined goals:

  • Empower, support, and increase the capabilities of leaders to better lead and manage workers
  • Raise awareness to, address, and reduce the harm caused by psychosocial hazards in the workplace
  • Identify where behavioural change is required within a workplace and guide towards solutions
  • Guide transport and logistics companies to implement Good Work Design systems within their workplace
  • Connect Health and Safety Champions to share knowledge and experiences

Finding the right trusted industry specific information has been a challenge so having the HARMFree transport specific portal means practical guidance ‘on a plate’ to support our leaders to create a workplace where our people feel safe and welcome.

Gen Power

Group Health & Safety Manager, Wareing Group Ltd

Health and Safety within the trucking industry always seemed to have grey areas and answers to questions are not easily found. Thank you for keeping our truckers, companies and other road users safe.

Angela Moore

Accounts and Administration, Hawky Haulage 2008 Ltd

Our smaller remote site managers and owner drivers manage and lead teams with tough backgrounds and are involved in some high-risk operations. Having a transport specific assessment tool that was quick and simple was key for those leaders so they could understand any gaps and have an easy-to-use relatable action plan.

Gen Power

Group Health & Safety Manager, Wareing Group Ltd