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Supporting transport and logistics workers well-being is at the heart of the HARMfree Transport programme. A company that champions their workers well-being will result in a better culture, with workers who are happier, focused, more productive, and motivated on the tasks ahead.


  • Increased worker well-being leads to less absenteeism, and staff turnover
  • It’s important to reduce stigma and increase understanding of well-being to provide a supportive workplace culture at your company
  • Well-being refers to the overall state of an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health
  • Negative impact on a worker’s well-being can lead to a range of psychosocial hazards occurring that can cause har
  • Each type of well-being is interconnected and contributes to health and quality of life
  • Improving well-being within the transport and logistics industry is critical to ensure increased safety in the workplace, increased safety on our roads, and increased worker job satisfaction

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